Bespoke Ties Help Grow Your Business

A large number of businesses enforce dress codes with which their employees are required to conform. These codes vary widely: Some businesses mandate the wearing of traditional business suits, others go for the relatively permissive “business casual” look, while still more allow almost anything that can be worn on the street. It all depends on the nature of the business, its work environment, and its relationship to the public. Regardless of the precise configuration of the dress code, many organizations recognize the importance of wearing “appropriate” clothing, whatever that may be in any given environment.

With that in mind, let’s turn to an often overlooked aspect of business wear: ties. It’s a standard part of formal wear, but what many people do not realize is that these long, thin garments can provide a number of subtle yet effective benefits to a workplace—especially when they are custom-made to harmonize with a company’s logos, designs, and mission statement. Not convinced? We’ll explore the issue in more detail below.

Enhance Group Cohesion
Practically anyone who’s ever worked in an office environment will agree that teamwork is fundamental. It’s likely that they’ll also have at least a few colourful stories about workplace squabbles and employees accidentally—or purposely—undercutting other members of the team. There are many ways to help members of the team work harmoniously; one of these is to provide each employee with a bespoke (“custom”) tie to wear. The reason is simple: Wearing similar clothing gives employees a visual reminder that they’re on the same team. Recent hires who may feel uneasy about “fitting in” are subtly reminded of their similarity to more experienced personnel.

The effect is enhanced further when these clothing items are not merely off-the-rack suits but bespoke apparel that has been uniquely designed to reflect the particular characteristics of the company—for example, by sporting the organization’s logo. Bespoke ties help accomplish this. Additionally, it’s possible to further customize the design to signify different positions within the company; this can be achieved by making minor alternations to the ties that will, for instance, distinguish senior executives from less experienced ones.

Reinforce Company Values
As we have established, it’s important to work as a team—and this is true even when individual employees work independently. Some personnel spend most of the day in group meetings, while others are may spend the bulk of their time with nothing but their computer to deal with. Like all custom clothing, bespoke ties provide an ever-present reminder of the employee’s duty to carry out their responsibilities and uphold the company’s mission, in whatever way they spend their day at work. It’s a small reminder that one is, at all times, a member of a team.

Bespoke Ties Help Grow Your Business




Advertise the Brand
“Branding” is immeasurably important in the business world of today. Do not underestimate the value of distinctive company designs, logos, and other unique elements in creating a public profile for your company. For that reason, it’s best to consider every opportunity to promote your brand. Of course, there are many aspects to a successful branding campaign—far too many to explore here—but bespoke ties can supply a small yet effective part of one. Customer-facing personnel who sport a specially designed tie will supply another visual impression of the company’s unique designs. Every interaction with the public will become another opportunity to advertise your company’s brand.

Provide Identification of Employees
In many companies, some or all of its employees are required to interact face-to-face with the general public. Unless these employees wear clothing or some other identifiable item, it can be difficult for customers to find a contact person they can speak with; this may lead to embarrassing confusion. Bespoke ties featuring company logos and/or other identifying designs give businesses a simple way to distinguish company employees from all other individuals milling around. It’s also worth pointing out that these ties tend to make a better impression than plastic nametags and similar cheap identifiers.

Honor Employee Achievement
Employees love being awarded and recognized for superior performance—it’s not egotism; simply, an understandable desire to be appreciated for their efforts. Some companies hand out little trophies at end-of-the-year celebrations, but bespoke ties provide another way to accomplish more or less the same thing. How? By customizing the standard company design, a company can present select personnel with a bespoke tie bearing an emblem or another element that indicates the employee’s accomplishments. For instance, a top-performing employee may be awarded a tie with a distinctive stripe that isn’t found on normal company ties. Unlike a trophy, this is an “award” that the employee can show off five days a week, without even trying. It comes with them wherever they go.

Ease of Use
As we have seen, bespoke ties can achieve a number of small but valuable effects—they should be part of any company’s dress code. Best of all, bespoke ties accomplish all this without demanding much effort from anyone. Wearing a tie is not difficult. It can be fastened in place in no time; it can also be removed quickly and easily. Nor do they become easily dirtied, damaged, or worn out under normal conditions. Therefore, bespoke ties do not pose a burden on employees that they would reasonably resent.

A Variety of Patterns and Designs
Bespoke ties come in a number of different varieties, and TieCreators has a large selection of them for your perusal. Ties of silk or micro-polyester are available in our catalog. In addition, you can find different weave patterns, including plain, horizontal, vertical, and reppe. We also invite you to use our Design Studio so you can create exactly the kind of bespoke tie you’ve been searching for. But what if you manage a workplace where dangling ties might lead to harm? For example, in an industrial environment with powerful machinery that has rapidly spinning parts, it can be dangerous to wear a standard tie. In that case, you can simply purchase clip-on or Velcro ties. These detach easily when tugged upon; they also may provide a low-maintenance option for employees who would rather not bother with proper tying techniques.

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