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Bournemouth Striped Custom Tie


The Bournemouth Striped Custom Tie is a brilliant illustration of the two-stripe design, encapsulating Bournemouth’s classic, simplistic style. Inspired by the Victorian postcard pier, this design carries a special charm that sets it apart. Favoured by a multitude of private and sports clubs, this narrow-striped tie subtly incorporates club colours, a testament to their identity and camaraderie.

The chosen colours often harmonise with the club logo, promoting consistency across branding. This understated striped necktie doesn’t just offer symbolic satisfaction but also aesthetic value. At TieCreators, we believe in offering our customers choices to express their own uniqueness. Our options for customising the weave, colour, and fastening of your tie are practically limitless.

Our Bournemouth Striped Custom Ties and Striped Scarves cater to a diverse clientele, including schools, sports clubs, colleges, and private members clubs in Bournemouth. Furthermore, tour guide groups in the region have found our Striped Ties a perfect addition to their uniform. We at TieCreators are committed to delivering quality and satisfaction with every customised piece we create.

Additional information

Step 1: Fabric

Micro Polyester, Silk

Step 2: Size

Adult, Youth, Child

Step 3: Fastening

Classic, Clip On, Velcro

Step 4: Length

Long 23", Short 16", Short 19", Short 50", Standard 18.5", Standard 21", Standard 53", Short 56", Standard 12", Standard 42", Standard 59", Long 62"

Step 5: Width

2.5" (Standard), 3.25" (Broad), 3" (Standard), 2.4" (Super Slim), 3" (Slim), 3.25" (Standard), 3.5" (Broad), 3.75" (Extra Broad)


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