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Exeter Striped Tie


A small city that packs a big punch, Exeter is one of the most vibrant, attractive and historically interesting cities in England. Home to Exeter University, the Exeter University Rifle Club proudly displays their club logo on a custom tie from TieCreators. Their logo includes a castle from Exeter. A unique combination of 3 stripes, with a thin single stripe placed nicely the centre of a thick stripe, the Exeter Striped Tie design allows for clubs to boldly display their brand colours.

The Exeter design is also a very popular scarf design that many of our customers have as a matching compliment to their tie order. The Exeter design is also very amenable to a logo in the bottom right position.

Additional information

Step 1: Fabric

Micro Polyester, Silk

Step 2: Size

Adult, Youth, Child

Step 3: Fastening

Classic, Clip On, Velcro

Step 4: Length

Long 23", Short 16", Short 19", Short 50", Standard 18.5", Standard 21", Standard 53", Short 56", Standard 12", Standard 42", Standard 59", Long 62"

Step 5: Width

2.5" (Standard), 3.25" (Broad), 3" (Standard), 2.4" (Super Slim), 3" (Slim), 3.25" (Standard), 3.5" (Broad), 3.75" (Extra Broad)


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