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Improving Business Performance with Bespoke Ties

Making unforgettable first impressions with customers is essential for the immediate and long-term success of your business. A negative interaction can lose you sales while a positive experience can create customers for life. A bespoke tie makes a memorable visual impression in a number of ways.

  • Using your brand’s colors, whether it is in neckties or scarves, creates a positive association between your appearance and behavior, and your business.
  • In the same way, a tie’s crisp appearance relays your company’s quality and consistency.
  • Incorporating your logo with bespoke ties reinforces brand identity and familiarity.

How important is your appearance when it comes to winning new customers? A research study conducted by Suffolk University concluded that uniforms are a more effective tool for marketing than Internet, newspaper, TV, radio, and billboard advertising. This is because staff members are easily recognized, and they connect on a personal level with customers.

With bespoke ties, employees generate a feeling of unity, which also adds to improving business performance.

Bespoke Business Ties


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