Regimental ties tell a story and are deeply woven into British heritage. At TieCreators we applaud the bravery and pay homage to those willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedom.
We know how proud our service men and women are to wear their uniform, which is why we deliver premium quality regimental ties.

Regimental Ties

TieCreators has a long history of supplying bespoke regimental ties and matching pocket squares to numerous branches of the UK’s armed services. As a result, we have a great understanding of the significance a tie holds and the pride of service in each and every wearer.

Leading UK custom tie supplier

Based right here in the UK we deliver the highest quality custom neckwear. With our in-house designers and our modern manufacturing methods we guarantee you will feel proud. Whether it’s Army ties, Regimental ties, Corps, Lancers, Guards, Battalions or any other military tie we can create the perfect tie.
Available in silk or micro polyester and created with a deep understanding of duty, your custom regimental tie will be finished in true, regimental style, to reflect you and your comrades.

Tailor-made tie designs for your regiment

Our in-house expert designers can match your existing tie, regimental badges and colours so you can rest assured your new tie will emulate your existing one. With no minimum order quantities you can order small numbers, including personalised options for a special event such as reunions, anniversaries or tours.

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TieCreators has a long history of regimental ties, we have been manufacturing and supplying custom ties in the UK for over 35 years. Our team can advise you on your choice of tie fabric, as well as a wide range of weaves and textures which meet with the traditions of your regiment.
Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your bespoke regimental ties and accessories.

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