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STR 307

Double Edge Striped Tie


STR 307

STR 307

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Bespoke Double Edge Striped Tie

The Double Edge Striped Custom Tie design is a striped pattern characterized by its alternating stripes of different widths and colours, creating a bold and eye-catching pattern that is perfect for adding some personality. The double stripe necktie design typically features a base colour, such as navy blue or burgundy, with thinner stripes in a contrasting colour running diagonally across the tie. These stripes are accompanied by a thinner stripe above and below each stripe. One of the great things about the Double Edge Striped Tie design is its classic club look, beautiful when a club logo is incorporated into the weave.

Very thankful to Krehalon for allowing TieCreators to be a part of their story, making their customised neckties and matching neck scarves, incorporating their company logo across both designs.

Additional information

Step 1: Fabric

Micro Polyester, Silk

Step 2: Size

Adult, Youth, Child

Step 3: Fastening

Classic, Clip On, Velcro

Step 4: Length

Long 23", Short 16", Short 19", Short 50", Standard 18.5", Standard 21", Standard 53", Short 56", Standard 12", Standard 42", Standard 59", Long 62"

Step 5: Width

2.5" (Standard), 3.25" (Broad), 3" (Standard), 2.4" (Super Slim), 3" (Slim), 3.25" (Standard), 3.5" (Broad), 3.75" (Extra Broad)


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