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DOT 701

Hollow Dot Tie


DOT 701

DOT 701

Bespoke Hollow Dot Tie

The Custom Hollow Dot Tie design is a playful and fun pattern that is characterized by its small and evenly spaced dots in various colours, creating a lively and spirited look that is perfect for both casual and celebratory occasions.

The necktie design typically features small dots in two sets of colours, set against a solid background base colour such as navy blue, black, or burgundy.

One of the great things about the Hollow Dot polkadot necktie design is its versatility. It can be worn with a variety of outfits, from classic business attire to more casual looks. It is a great option for adding some personality and whimsy to a neutral suit.

Typically customers that use this design choose colours from their brand for the dots against a contrasting base colour. Customize your own Hollow Dot Tie to match your personal style or corporate brand.

Overall, the Hollow Dot Custom Tie design is a playful and fun pattern that can add some personality and charm to any outfit. Its small dots and lively colours make it a popular choice for both casual and formal wear,

Additional information

Step 1: Fabric

Micro Polyester, Silk

Step 2: Size

Adult, Youth, Child, Petite: 50" x 13", Regular – 54" x 10"

Step 3: Fastening

Classic, Clip On, Velcro

Step 4: Length

Short 56", Standard 12", Standard 16", Standard 42", Standard 50", Standard 59", Long 18.5", Long 53", Long 62"

Step 5: Width

2.4" (Super Slim), 2.4" (Slim), 3" (Slim), 2.5" (Regular), 3" (Regular), 3.25" (Standard), 3.5" (Broad), 3.75" (Extra Broad)


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