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STR 327

Standard Striped Tie


STR 327

STR 327

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Bespoke Standard Striped Tie

The Standard Striped Custom Tie is an adaption of our core striped tie design, The bolder stripes on this tie can really make a statement. The two bold thick stripes are separated by a thinner stripe.

The Standard Striped tie is as default three colour tie, but you can use a combination of two or three colours to complete this design. The tie can be further customised with the addition of the club logo or military insignia sitting on top of the three stripes. Sometimes our clubs have personalised their Standard Stripe Tie design with a smaller logo nicely fitting with the two bold thick stripes.

A preferred choice amongst our military customers that want to strongly display their colours across two even stripes. Logos are usually placed in the under knot position so that the tie proudly displays the logo on a buttoned uniform.

Additional information

Step 1: Fabric

Micro Polyester, Silk

Step 2: Size

Adult, Youth, Child, Petite: 50" x 13", Regular – 54" x 10"

Step 3: Fastening

Classic, Clip On, Velcro

Step 4: Length

Long 23", Short 16", Short 19", Short 50", Standard 18.5", Standard 21", Standard 53", Short 56", Standard 12", Standard 16", Standard 42", Standard 50", Standard 59", Long 18.5", Long 53", Long 62"

Step 5: Width

3.25" (Broad), 3" (Standard), 2.4" (Super Slim), 2.4" (Slim), 3" (Slim), 2.5" (Regular), 3" (Regular), 3.25" (Standard), 3.5" (Broad), 3.75" (Extra Broad)


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